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Rack Armour Guards – 100mm


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Rack Armour Pallet Racking Guards

This Product is known as a Euro B.
Euro A fits most racking types with a front face up to 100mm*

As a distributor of the famous Rack Armour Guards, you can be sure to protect your existing or newest pallet racking system.

The Rack Armour Guards we provide are 600mm high, and this ensure that impact from forklift trucks, handling equipment – general damages are reduced ten fold. The retro fit Rack Armour Guards are perfect to suit 80mm and 100mm face pallet racking columns/frames and are sold in multiples of 20 up to 100 Nr.

Fully Tested
Rack Armour Guards have been rigorously tested to meet and exceed European Standards.
The testing procedures include replicating a forklift truck weighing 2 tons travelling at 1.8 meters per second, which
simulates an impact to the racking with a force of 21.6 kilo newtons (2.4 ton).

There are many benefits of using Rack Armour Guards:
• It reduces racking damage by as much as 80% – saving you time, money and hassle.
• The ‘persistence of shape’ ensures a long and effective lifetime service.
• Quick and easy installation as no fixings are required – can be fitted in seconds.
• Fits all makes of pallet racking and is transferable.
• High visibility colour helps with warehouse safety.
• Materials are non-toxic and fully recyclable.
• Impervious to moisture, mould growth, corrosion, acid, alkaline & most solvents.
• Can be used at temperatures down to -40 degrees centigrade.

*Some racking types do have wider side profiles which sometimes require a larger Rack Armour guard. If you are unsure on which size you require please contact us

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Check that the product is suitable by using our simple diagram shown above.

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Options Available

100 Nr. 600mm Euro A, 20 Nr. 600mm Euro A, 40 Nr. 600mm Euro A, 60 Nr. 600mm Euro A, 80 Nr. 600mm Euro A


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