oil drum tipping stacker
oil drum tipping stacker

Oil Drum Tipping Stacker


The Oil Drum Tipping Stacker is stocked here in the UK and available on a 2-3 day lead time to UK mainland. It is a versatile piece of equipment and allows drums to be attached, lifted, rotated and released safely at height. The hydraulic lifting mechanism is achieed by handle and pedel; whereas rotation is achieved by a hand wheel. Drum ‘rollback’ is stopped by a 30:1 ratio transfer box. The Oil Drum Tipping Stacker will allow stacking of drums up to a maximum height 1350mm, and attached using the drum ‘jaws’.

  • 400 kg capacity
  • Auto overload protection fitted
  • 210 litre steel drum supported
  • Tandem lift chains
  • 1350 mm maximum lift height
  • Hydraulic (hand operated) pump action lift
  • Easy to lift, transport and tilt a 45 gallon drum.
  • Available to carry the drum to rack (lower than 1350 mm).
  • Compact and reliable mechanism system to fix on to drum.
  • It can lock a drum in vertical or horizontal position
  • Manually (pedestrian) operated
  • Position for draining through a faucet.
  • CE Marked


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