oil drum stacker
oil drum stacker

Oil Drum Stacker


Our Oil Drum Stacker is stocked here in the UK and is a low cost solution for improving warehouse space and allowing the stacking of oil drums. The Oil Drum Stacker serves many different purposes that allows two drums to be stacked on one another and therefore increasing warehouse space utilising the hydraulic lift mechanism.

  • Easy to lift & transport 205 ltr steel drum.
  • Able to carry the drum to rack (lower than 1150 mm)
  • Compact and reliable mechanism system to fix on to drum
  • Manually (pedestrian) operated
  • CE Marked
  • Capacity: 350 kg
  • Overall lift height (to underside 205 ltr drum): 1200 mm
  • Overall height: 2000 mm
  • Overall width: 1146 mm
  • Overall length: 1100 mm
  • Inside straddle: 950 mm
  • Overall leg height: 90 mm
  • Net weight: 175 kg



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