drum porter truck plus uk
drum porter truck plus uk

Drum Handler Porter Truck Plus Model


Fantastic Versatile Product that will handle both 140L and 205L drums and barrels on and off pallets

Our useful Drum Handler Porter Plus with Override eradicates all unnecessary awkward manual lifting, of heavy drums. The gator grip pincers easily holds a drum or barrel  up to the weight of 250kgs as is very useful for moving drums or barrels within the warehouse. The hydraulic lifting mechanism lifts barrels and drums off the floor and smoothly lowers the drum into its destination.

The Drum Handler Porter Truck Plus makes light work of drums, coupled with and ergonomic handle for pushing and pulling. The Drum Handler Porter Truck Plus is fitted with two stationary wheels and one swivel castor at the rear which makes moving drums very easy.

This piece of equipment ‘overrides’ pallets with a maximum width of 800mm (Euro Pallets)

Please note: This item is not ‘entirely’ suitable for Mauser drums. If in doubt, please call.

Manual hydraulic operation, lifted by a foot operated pump unit

    • Infinitely controlled “dead man” hand release wheel
    • Robust & reliable
    • High quality heavy duty hydraulics with a positive feel
    • High push/pull handle bar
    • Fitted with a total stop brakes as standard to prevent the drum handler  from moving
    • All models fitted with an overload valve
    • Hard wearing and non-marking polyurethane tyres prevent damage to floors.
    • Swivel wheels fitted with foot guards
    • Epoxy powder coated finish for durability
    • Issued with a test certificate in conformance with EU standard on request
    • Full 12 month on site warranty
    • 450 kg lifting capacity
    • 500 mm lifting height
    • 12 mm lifting per stroke
    • 572 mm maximum drum diameter
    • 915 mm maximum drum height
    • 1250 mm maximum height in lowered position
    • 1380 mm maximum height in raised position
    • 900 mm length
    • 1020 mm width
    • 165 kg net weight


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