Tips on Buying Warehouse Ladders

Here are some Top Tips on Buying Warehouse Ladders

  1. OK, so you want to pick from top level? Great, so now you need to realise what PLATFORM height would be required… When purchasing warehouse ladders, it is important to remember that platform heights should include the height of a person PLUS some arm reach. Sometimes you may need a 2m platform height to reach (let’s say) 3.5m safely. If you have items stored at the back of pallet racking and shelving, consider what would be safe and practical. Sometimes under valuing a warehouse ladders platform height is not the safest approach. On the other hand, over speculating a platform height can be more expensive. Give it some thought – a tape measure and acting helps!!
  2. Do you need a narrow aisle step ladder? Are your aisles tight? Check the width of warehouse step ladders before you buy. Our narrow aisle ladders are perfect for tight aisles.
  3. What tread do you think would be best suited? PVC is perfect for flat shoes, providing additional grip. PUNCHED STEEL ladder treads are normally best suited for boots. Also, consider if you will be using these outside occasionally. The UK’s weather, is, shall we say average at best – therefore punched steel would be the better option for grip as PVC can become slippy when damp.
  4. Do you need a heavy duty warehouse ladder? Is it overkill? If you will be ‘hammering’ the use of your ladders, consider our heavy duty platform step ladders. Made with heavy duty steel. If used sporadically, consider buying our low cost warehouse ladder range. Made to the same standard, but using thinner steel. Perfect for occasional use! Medium Duty is by far the most popular option; for companies who will use ladders daily (but not 24/7)
  5. Space an issue? Warehouse ladders are bulky in nature, so may take a lot of room. The most stable, safe and practical product for picking, however normally difficult to store. Why not consider our folding warehouse steps. Made to EXACTLY the same high standard as our other ladders, but folding! Meaning, putting them away neatly and saving precious space. Just as safe, just as practical without the bulky nature!!

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